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  • Supporting MIT Ultimate.

    MIT Ultimate has grown tremendously in size and skill over the last few years. With this growth comes a greater financial cost, and we really need your help to keep our program at this level and grow it even further. In order to compete with top teams in our region who fly to numerous tournaments a semester, Grim would like to travel further to tournaments and face higher level competition. One goal of ours is to play in the Florida Warm-up tournament in February 2020. We also would like to expand the reach of the Munchers. Both of these goals require significant external funding - we get very limited funding from the school, and there’s only so much we can ask the players to pay while keeping MIT Ultimate an accessible program to all. Any help that you could give through donations would be immensely appreciated.

    You can donate to our MIT Giving Account with account number 2720180 here.

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